About / Who are we ?

Responding to today's consumers needs for authenticity, transparency, ethical values and respect for the environment, Organic Casuals presents a line of sweatshirts that combines contemporary design and eco-responsible production.

This capsule collection is characterized by the exclusive use of top quality organic and recycled materials and its attention to design, craft and detail.



Concerned about its impact on the planet and its people, our actions are guided by a transparent approach and a continuous will to improve the environmental impact of our garments production and distribution.

Our value system focuses mainly on ecological and ethical criteria.

We pay particular attention to the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products as well as to the labor conditions under which they are made.

From a social point of view, Organic Casuals ensures that all workers involved in the production of our garments benefit from human, fair and decent labor conditions.

Our manufacturers and suppliers are based in Europe. Our sweatshirts, fabrics and complements are made in Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.

We have opted for a product with a short production circuit in order to support local know-how and reduce the ecological impact linked to transport